Leadership Star Award

Leadership Little Traverse (LLT) was founded in 1999 by a group of civic-minded leaders interested in providing mentorship and training for future community leaders. Today, LLT has an alumni list of graduates who now lead service clubs, serve on boards of directors, hold public offices, author books, start businesses, lead causes and serve as mentors for the new generation of LLT Participants.

The Leadership Star Award was created 2012 to recognize a community leader in the Little Traverse Bay Region who exemplifies the characteristics of an exceptional leader - including vision, integrity and commitment to growth and personal development. 

The Leadership Star Award will be presented at the Annual Award Leadership Luncheon, a leadership networking event hosted by Leadership Little Traverse each year in late June.

2015 Leadership Star

Jan Mancinelli

2014 Leadership Star

Bob Bleyaert

2013 Leadership Star

Rezie Devett

2012 Leadership Star 

Maureen Nicholson

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