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  • What is LLT?

    Mission Statement - To inspire and prepare leaders in the Little Traverse Bay Region.

    Goals for Participants:
    The Leadership Little Traverse Program (LLT) will:

    • Enhance skills through a broad-based curriculum addressing the components of effective leadership
    • Provide exposure to community challenges and opportunities for solutions
    • Furnish opportunities for personal and professional growth
    • Increase understanding of the various sectors of the community and how they relate and interact
    • Connect to key leaders in the community and expand personal networks

    Community Benefits:
    The Leadership Little Traverse Program (LLT) will:

    • Identify existing and emerging leaders in the Little Traverse Bay area and provide them with leadership skills training
    • Foster participation in community service by increasing the number and quality of volunteer leaders who serve on boards, commissions, and public office
    • Encourage better community communication and more long-range thinking
    • Build the strength of our community leadership
    • Develop leadership management skills within the business community
    • Expand the networks with community leaders by making new connections


    Tuition: $750 - includes food, books, materials and other program costs


  • LLT Testimonials

    Jeffrey Neill, OsborneKlein, Class of 2017
    “LLT is about the relationships you will create, the people you will meet, and the positive change you will make in your area. If you want to make an impact while learning about yourself and the community, this program is for you.”
    Andrea Coronado, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Class of 2017
    “As someone who was brand new to the community, Leadership Little Traverse introduced me to the organizations and people that make this community thrive. LLT helped me develop a deep connection with the community, gave me tools for professional development, built my confidence, expanded my relationships with local leaders, and taught me about area resources I can now share with others. I developed a lasting relationship with my mentor and made fifteen friends - my classmates. Together, we worked to complete a meaningful community project - and had fun along the way!”
    Becky Babcock, Stafford's Hospitality,  Class of ‘09
    "Leadership Little Traverse inspired me to become a better individual, both personally and professionally. Being pushed out of my comfort zone several times throughout the year, allowed many of my personal walls to finally break down. I now have a strong connection with my community… and it only grows from here!"

    Sarah Ford, Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, Class of 2016
    “I can't say enough about Leadership Little Traverse! This program helped me learn more about my community in nine months than I would have in years of living here. It was instrumental in re-connecting me with the nonprofit community and helped me form relationships with current and future leaders in our community. Beyond the professional development I gained, I met some incredible people and formed a bond with many of my classmates that I know will continue for years to come!”

    Christian Smith, YMCA, Class of 2015
    “LLT has meant a great deal to me both personally and professionally. Having been new to the area, LLT propelled my transition into this community, and provided opportunities to grow as a leader and a person. I love the class of 2015 and I loved being a mentor in 2017. What's more, the robust LLT alumni network make this program a must do for any aspiring leader. Sign up today, and thank me later!”

    Melanie Leaver, North Central Michigan College, Class of 2016
    “LLT not only helped me create connections throughout the area, but also provided me with an encouraging and supportive environment for further discovery and development of my leadership potential. The bond among my classmates has grown stronger after graduation as we continue to celebrate our accomplishments and challenge each other to serve our community in ways we might not consider left on our own. LLT embraces the spirit of being 'better together' and is a powerful resource for positive change - personally, professionally, and for the future of our community. ”


  • Selection Process

    Leadership Little Traverse is open to anyone with an interest in learning about and becoming involved in the community. No more than 16 individuals will be selected to participate. Participants must attend all sessions and activities. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. A personal interview may be required as part of the selection process. 

    Applications are available in Mid - May and the deadline for submission is Monday July 16, 2018 at 5 p.m. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be made by August 10, 2018 and the program will begin in September. Applicants are accepted based on the quality of their application.







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  • LLT Steering Committee

    The Leadership Little Traverse Program is designed and presented by the LLT Steering Committee:

    Lisa Blanchard, Community Enthusiast

    Anne McDevitt, Bay View Association
    David Jones, Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation
    Carlin Smith, Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce
    Melissa Hansen, Little Traverse Conservancy 
    Chris Cerrudo, Harbor Springs Public Schools
    Georgia Abbott, Abbott & Associates
    Mary Cummings, Harbor Springs Area Historical Society
    Garrett Urman, Chemical Bank
    Jan Mancinelli, MP Management
    Maureen Hollocker, Great Start Collaborative                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Jim Baumann, Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce

    LLT Supporters

    Thank you to these LLT Supporters for the 2017 / 2018 Class:
    Graduation Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan                                                                                                                                                                                              Binder Sponsor: Bearcub Outfitters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Camp Daggett Sponsor: The Outfitter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Book Sponsor: Harbor Brenn Agencies
    LLT Sponsors: Bearcub Outfitters, The Outfitter, Harbor Brenn Agencies
    Session Sponsors: Consumers Energy, First Community Bank, Great Start Collaborative, Harbor Springs Festival of the Book, Kiwanis Club of Petoskey, Rotary Club of Petoskey (Noon), Rotary Club of Petoskey (Sunrise).
    Lunch Hosts: Grain Train Natural Foods Cooperative, My Sister's Bake Shop, City Park Grill, LLT Class of 2017
    Transportation: Odawa Casino
    Photography: Petoskey News-Review                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Special Thanks: Odawa Casino, Randy Goss (Petoskey News-Review), City of Petoskey, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Harbor Springs Area Historical Society, North Central Michigan College, Petoskey District Library, Trout Creek Condominiums.

    The LLT Class of 2018 was powered by Roast & Toast Coffee

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