• Leadership Little Traverse Curriculum and Requirements


    Community Awareness/Understanding

    Leadership Little Traverse Participants will gain an understanding of the many different facets of our Community.

    • History
    • Education
    • Human Services
    • Government
    • Economy
    • Environment


    Leadership Development

    Leadership Little Traverse Participants will also benefit from Leadership Development.

    • Team Building
    • Visioning
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Personal Strengths Assessment
    • Creativity
    • Ethics
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  • Mentorship

    Mentoring can play a positive role in fostering personal and professional growth. As part of Leadership Little Traverse, you will be given the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with a mentor over the course of the program. By serving as a bridge between monthly sessions, mentors will provide continuity and help each participant maximize the impact of the experience. The Mentoring Program will benefit both the mentor and the participant. The mentor offers information, advice, and encouragement. The participant offers a new perspective, energy and potential. You'll both learn and grow from this experience!


  • Personal Leadership Plan

    To exit the program, each participant will be asked to create a Personal Leadership Plan to help keep the energy and motivation going once the sessions are over.

    Community Service Project

    Participants will also take part in a class-wide Community Service Project. Selected by the class, this project will require all members to step-up and do their share to help a community cause.

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