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Thriving Petoskey is an initiative launched by the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2016 to promote the Conscious Capitalism movement in our region.  The goal of the initiative is to build a stronger Petoskey by building stronger businesses.

If Thriving Petoskey is working, we will be utilizing businesses to improve the human condition of our community.  Why businesses?  Because we know that businesses are the largest convener of human effort, and they know best how to engage and mobilize a workforce to achieve a higher purpose.

Through Thriving Petoskey, we hope to help businesses find their true purpose, a purpose that is beyond their profits.  The theory is this:  if you find the right purpose for your business, and your stakeholders believe in that purpose, then everyone wins.  You will have happier employees, more loyal customers, a stronger community, and if all goes well, bigger profits. 

Chamber President Carlin Smith and Board Member Ashley Whitney of Harbor/Brenn Agencies have embarked on a year-long study of the Conscious Capitalism movement through a program called Thriving Michigan hosted by the Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals and Thrive Consulting led by Nathan Havey.  From time to time, Carlin and Ashley will share their experiences with Thriving Michigan through blogs or videos.  They are also available to come and meet with member-businesses to share the concepts and ideals of Conscious Capitalism.  To arrange a meeting, contact them at: or  

For a $500 investment, your business or organization can be a partner in the chamber’s Thriving Petoskey initiative. Partners receive many benefits for their investment. Learn more by reviewing our partnership form.

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