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  • All indoor and outdoor settings will increase to 100% capacity and face masks no longer required.

    Governor Gretchen Whitmer today accelerated the end of all COVID-19 epidemic orders on gatherings and masking as COVID-19 cases continue to plummet following increased vaccinations. Beginning June 22, capacity in both indoor and outdoor settings will increase to 100% and the state will no longer require residents to wear a face mask. 

    Following that update, the MDHHS Updated the most recent order to reflect this. 
    View the updated order here. 

    In addition to the Gatherings and Mask Order, additional orders are being rescinded as of June 22 and can be found here.

    Additionally, some orders will remain in effect to protect vulnerable populations in corrections, long-term care, and agriculture. Public health measures will continue for reporting requirements and COVID testing to make sure areas where community spread is high are identified, kids are safe in school and free COVID-19 tests are available. 

  • MIOSHA Emergency Rules Updated – 6/23/21 MIOSHA Emergency Rules Updated – 6/23/21

    As noted, the MDHHS capacity guidelines for both indoor and outdoor settings increased to 100%, and the state no longer required residents to wear a face mask. Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) also filed COVID-19 emergency rules to align with Federal OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). The updated rules went into effect on June 22nd, and are set to expire Dec. 22, 2021. The rules rescind the emergency rules issued on May 24, 2021 and focus on health care settings.

    The updated MIOSHA emergency rules explicitly state, “These rules apply to all healthcare employers covered in the Michigan occupational safety and health act,” and solely focus on health care settings where known or suspected COVID-19 patients may be present. Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity states, “These workplaces may have a higher exposure risk for employees and need continued protections to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

    Dialing back workplace rules for non-healthcare settings allows employers to use their best judgment in determining whether to maintain:

    • Daily health screenings
    • Face covering requirements; and
    • Social distancing requirements

    MIOSHA strongly encourages workplaces to follow the available CDC and OSHA recommendations to mitigate hazards. Further, Michigan statute requires employers to provide a “safe and healthful work environment free of recognized hazards.”  This means COVID-19 will need to continue to be managed as a hazard in the workplace and citations are still possible under MIOSHA’s general duty clause. 
    View the Health Department of Northwest Michigan Toolkit for Employers HERE.


  • Health Department of NW MI - Vaccine Information for COVID-19 Health Department of NW MI - Vaccine Information for COVID-19

    ALERT! COVID-19 vaccination appointments available for anyone 12 and older :

    **Important information**

    • Please use the links below for the desired clinic/location to schedule your appointment. Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email. Please use the link in your confirmation email to change/cancel your appointment if needed.

    • If you click on the link and a message appears that reads No appointments are available this means that all appointments for that vaccine clinic have been filled. To be notified when appointments are available please click here to complete our registration form.

    • Please bring photo identification/insurance card to your appointment.

    • Parent/guardian must accompany minor for vaccination.

    • Please cancel and do not attend your appointment if you are quarantining or isolating due to COVID-19.

    • A mask must be worn appropriately at all times, covering the nose and mouth.

    Upcoming Vaccination Clinics - CLICK HERE

    Please use these links to schedule a first OR second dose appointment. If you have already received your first dose from the health department, your second dose appointment has already been scheduled. If you received your 1st dose from another provider, and need a second dose, please locate a clinic with the vaccine that matches the manufacturer of your first dose. Additionally, if you received Pfizer please make sure you select a clinic that is at least 3 weeks after your first dose. If you received Moderna, please select a clinic that is at least 4 weeks after your first dose.

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