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  • Thriving Petoskey is an initiative launched in 2016 by the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce to promote the Conscious Capitalism movement in our region.  In 2017, the chamber’s Board of Directors named Thriving Petoskey as a key strategy to lead the advancement of the human quality of life in our community by promoting sustainable business practices that enhance our area’s employees, our community organizations, and our environment.

    To promote positive business practices that help our businesses and communities thrive.

    Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce members will Run profitable businesses and organizations while;

    • Creating value for their customers, business partners, the community, and the environment
    • Creating a great working environment where employees are engaged, happy, and productive
    • Being a great neighbor to their community, state, nation, and world.



    The chamber is following the process of “Learn it, Live it, and Lead it.”  Much of 2016 was devoted toward learning and toward beginning to better integrate positive business practices into what we do at the chamber.  It is now time to lead. 

    In 2017, our Thriving Petoskey programming will include:

    • An on-line subscription to Conscious Company Magazine for all chamber members.
    • Access to participate in monthly Deep Dive webinars hosted by Nathan Havey and featuring national leaders in the Conscious Capitalism movement.
    • Thriving Petoskey themed chamber events
    • Book Groups/Community Reads
    • Handbooks or tools to make it easier for businesses to implement Positive Business Practices
    • And the promotion of those businesses doing great things for their stakeholders


    Stay tuned, as these products and programs roll out through the year.

  • Monthly Free Webinars for Chamber Members

  • May Deep Dive: Rejecting Trade-Off Thinking
    Mark Miller, CEO and Kenyatta Brame,
    Executive Vice President of Cascade Engineering

    For more than 40 years, Cascade Engineering has been pushing the envelope - not just in its many engineering innovations, but in how it creates value for all of its stakeholders - not just its shareholders.  Doing business this way is admittedly harder and more complex, but it is also much more rewarding for everyone involved. We are pleased to feature two executives with a powerful exampleof how hard this work is, and why we should keep at it until we get it right.  It is a rare opportunity to have Mark and Kenyatta answer your questions.  Don't miss this one. Interested in a preview?  Check out CEO Fred Keller as he talks about business impact - not just financial results.  

    Register Now for the next Free webinar on May 18th from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
    If you are unable to attend the webinar at the scheduled time,
    be sure to sign up anyway to receive a link to view at your convenience.

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    For just $500, businesses can invest in the Thriving Petoskey initiative.  In addition to being recognized as a sponsor, investors will be invited to participate in a cohort that will meet four times in 2017 to discuss the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism.  This introductory program will be discussion-based whereby businesses can learn best practices from one another. 

    Details are on this Sponsorship Form

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