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  • What do people love most about living in Petoskey

    We asked members of the community - students, members of the business community, as well as those who have chosen to retire in our area...."What they love most about living in the Petoskey area?


  • “Our natural resources, the beauty of our lakes and rivers, wooded areas and trailways. We are so fortunate to have these areas for boating, sailing, biking, walking, skiing and just enjoying the outdoors or northern Michigan....something to do during all seasons. The sense of community and the people. There are so many welcoming organizations with which to get involved...including the Chamber of Commerce, service organizations and non-profits who openly embrace new volunteers. It is a wonderful way to work side by side with like-minded individuals and feel so good about supporting your community. It is a community where the people are very friendly and welcoming.”
    - Chris Etienne

    “I love living in Petoskey because there is so much to do. My favorite thing to do in the winter is to meet all of my friends at the Winter Sports Park and go ice skating and sledding. It’s also really fun to go tubing and skiing at Nubs Knob and Boyne Mountain. In the summer I love meeting up with my friends at the Petoskey State Park to go swimming and play beach volleyball. The great thing about living downtown is that you can walk with your friends and get ice cream, go shopping and even play soccer in Pennsylvania. I LOVE living in Petoskey."
    - GiGi Seagren

    “The Petoskey area is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the State of Michigan, from the beaches to the trails; the natural benefits of living “up north” were some of the top reasons we chose to move to the area. But what has really made this area home are all of the people we’ve met. The Petoskey area is home to some of the nicest and most welcoming people around. They’ve made us feel like locals from the get go and that just can’t be beat.”
    - John Blossey

    “There are so many family benefits to living in the Petoskey area. There are great schools and healthcare. It’s safe, clean environment. And there’s plenty of fresh air and natural beauty. All we have to do is within 10 or 15 minutes instead of being two to three hours away. It’s truly like being on vacation everyday – and what more could you ask for.”
    - Dan Rasmussen

    “I love taking an afternoon break from work and walking three blocks from downtown to the Bear River trails and whitewater kayak park. My stress melts away hiking along the river in the woods, continuing past the salmon anglers, and finally walking out onto the break wall into Lake Michigan. When I return to my desk my head is clear and I'm ready to tackle anything!”
    - Dylan Valade

  • “Because I traveled so much during my professional career, I did not have time to enjoy a community. The Petoskey area has far exceeded my expectations as to what retirement could be. Deanna (my wife) & I relocated here in 2004 and have made wonderful friends; many of them will be lifelong. I joined and became active in the Rotary Club of Petoskey. Rotary provided the conduit for me to be involved in SCORE and other meaningful mentoring activities. My wife is an adjunct professor at NCMC. In short, we could not be happier with our decision to call Petoskey our home - it is about the people!”
    - Bill Collins

    “I moved away from Petoskey 15 years ago before returning recently with my family. I love that Petoskey has a great combination of culture in the form of arts and education, accessible outdoor adventure, and is a great place to raise kids. I have lived in a lot of different places and have found it rare to have all three.”
    - Dana Andrews

    “I love the trails and pathways—we have dozens of choices for hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing. The beaches and waterways are also a great feature to the area—from ocean-like lakes to streams and rivers there are a lot of options for boating and watersports. The schools in the area both public and private are wonderful. We also have a great fine arts and music community here—especially the award-winning music programs at the Petoskey schools. Another thing I love about Petoskey is the diverse selection of shops and restaurants with goods for home and the family in our charming downtown."
    - Kate Scollin

    “My wife Kasey and I always dreamed of living up north, but thought it would only happen with retirement. In 2005, our dream came true with a job opportunity opened up here. We are both avid mountain and road bikers and this allows us to enjoy this an many other outdoor activities including boating on the inland water way, skiing at Nub’s Nob and fishing in Little Traverse Bay and the many lakes around Petoskey.”
    - Bill Marshall

    Raising my daughters Gabriella and Sofia here. We relocated from New York City just over three years ago. It was important to my husband Jeff and I to raise our children where they can be active and connected within their community. They enjoy planting flowers downtown with their school, meeting friends in the park, skiing and volunteering their time to help others. They are thriving here in so many ways."
    - Tracy Bacigalupi

    “What I love most about Petoskey is the beauty of our Great Lakes. I love the beautiful weather we have during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. I also love the people of this community—everyone here is very friendly and it’s a great place to grow up. I also love the fact that I can attend North Central Michigan College right here in town and get my 4 year degree from LSSU—allowing me to save on my education and live in a place I LOVE!”
    - April Wandrie

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