• Art in the Park

  • Mark your calendars for July 20th, when artists from all over the United States will descend upon Downtown Petoskey to show off their wares. For the 38th year, Over 100 booths will grace Pennsylvania Park, with items ranging from pottery to jewelry, from paintings to photographs, and much more. Find everything from that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for someone special to that jaw-dropping focal piece for the office. Items range in size from small, intricate pieces of jewelry, to functional wearable art, and so much more. You'll find something for everyone, even if they're a budding art-lover or a seasoned collector of the fine things in life. The show is rain or shine, so come prepared to shop. 

  • Art in The Park July 20, 2024


    Applications are now closed for the 2024 Petoskey Art in the Park. To be added to the 2025 database please email emily@petoskeychamber.com



    If you have any questions please email emily@petoskeychamber.com
    Applications were accepted Jan. 1st 2024 - March 1th, 2024.

    No applications will be accepted after March 1st. No exceptions. If you have filled out a google application by March 1st, your checks must arrive by March 8.

  • AIP-Map-2022-w2100.png
  • 2023 Art in the Park Artists

  • 2023 Art in the Park Award Winners


  • Best In Show - Leah, Dziewit Fabric Best In Show - Leah, Dziewit Fabric

  • 2023 Art in the Park Best in Show - Leah Dziewit
  • 2nd Place - Valerie Lamott, Jewelry 2nd Place - Valerie Lamott, Jewelry

  • Valerie Lamott - Second Place - 2023 Petoskey Art in the Park
  • 3rd Place - Amy Weh, Mixed Media 3rd Place - Amy Weh, Mixed Media

  • Amy Weh - 2023 Petoskey Art in the Park - 3rd place
  • Honorable Mention Honorable Mention

    Corey Bechler, Pottery
    Samantha Coon, Fabric
    Drew Deming, Painting
    Dani Knoph Davis, Graphics
    Sarah Goodyear, Painting
    Brandon Johnson, Wood
    Betsy Stecker, Graphics
    Julie Tibus, Painting
    Philip Yamron, Glass
    Jade Wallace, Jewelry


    Clarke, Larry - 84
    Coon, Samantha - 49
    Dziewit, Leah - 123
    Fleming, Susan - 102
    Gutzwiller, Laura - 113
    H., Beth - 68
    Haderer, Joey - 20
    Hopf, Dominique - 64
    Leithauser, Rowan - 126
    Marion, Michele - 76
    McCann, Ann - 107a
    Spytman, Alyssa Briaenne - 91
    Yao, Samuel - 2
    Zientek, Laurie - 59

  • Glass Glass

    Bochnig, George - 72
    Gary, Jill - 55
    Shapero, Rick - 7
    Wagar, Mark - 114a
    Yamron, Philip - 51

  • Graphics Graphics

    Baumhardt, T.L. - 42
    Knoph Davis, Dani - 82
    Rust, Marie - 77
    Stecker,  Betsy - 134

  • Jewelry Jewelry

    Agopian, Karen-101
    Barnes, Deborah-18
    Bolz, Patty-92
    Brandly, Mike and Gail-47/48
    Eisenberg, Karen-114c
    Favour, Renate-52
    Franich, Janette-95
    Hamlin , David -60
    Hernandez, Humberto-89
    Johnson, Amy-44
    Kaiser, Andrea -107
    Kozlowski, Antoni-108a
    Lamott , Valerie-87
    Liebetreu, Kristy-129
    MacLachlan, Julia-69
    Matos, Julie-117
    Nilsson, Robert-124
    Perkins, Kristin-127
    Ryan, Janet-121
    Schichtel, Laura-56
    Shepler, Mallory-75
    Stachon-Mills, Laurel-3
    Stiles, Jan- 9
    Thogerson, Mark-110
    Wallace, Jade-15
    Webb, Janet-112a
    Welti, Angela-105
    Williams, Natalie-62
    Zimmer, Markie-41

  • Mixed Media Mixed Media

    Bragg, George-58
    Miley, Brett-19
    Moran, Stefanie-103
    Rouwhorst, Ciarra-40a
    Shroeder, Michael-70/71
    Thogerson, Mark-110
    Warbington, Mary-88
    Weh, Amy-131

  • Painting Painting

    Barton, Kevin-78
    Bostian, Doug-104
    Brown, Kwang Cha-83
    Condon, Jeff-114b
    Deming, Drew -65
    Drier, Tim-67
    Forman, Timothy-16
    Goodyear, Sarah-90
    Hartley , Scott-40
    Harwood, Daryl-57
    Hong Mao, Leo-43
    Ingels, Andy-120
    Iorio, Elizabeth-94
    Kontorina, Marina-54
    Lamothe, Marie-4
    Mays-Wentzell , Suzanne-10
    McWatters, Mary-128
    Nordloh-Neville, Nancy-109
    Odmark, Gary-132
    Peterman, Amy-111
    Smith, Melissa -108
    Spellman, Kathleen-50
    Tibus, Julie-115
    Tisdale, Matt-61
    Williams, James-98

  • Photography Photography

    Dugan, Kathy-30
    Lazar, Tom-119
    Leipprandt, Tyler-116
    Schwarz, Julie-66

  • Pottery Pottery

    Baker, Stan-53
    Bechler, Corey -32,33
    Drosten, Amy-17
    Grimsley, Nancy-13/14
    Herbon, John-99
    Hopson , Louise -81
    Otis, Andrew-39
    Rodrick, Kimberly-112
    Snively, Gail-97
    Stuchell, Stephen-79
    Veverka, Kathy-114
    Walchek, Valerie-63

  • Sculpture Sculpture

    Anderson, Chad-80
    Aschinger, Skeeter-106
    Grubich, Nathan-100

  • Wood Wood

    Czuk, Peter-96
    Johnson, Brandon-118
    Johnson, Paul-110a
    Kuzmer, Lindzie-73
    Lewis, David-85/86
    Thelen, Jason-1



  • Special Thank You to our Corporate Volunteer for Art in the Park



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