• Celebration of Champions

  • Celebration of Champions is a heartwarming, community-focused event will take place on Wednesday, December 4th, 2024 at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts, from 5:30-8:30 p.m., and honors Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce member businesses and individuals. 

    Many awards are presented throughout the ceremony that celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our business community. This annual event is a great opportunity to celebrate and engage with the community. We look forward to seeing you there!


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  • 2023 Award Winners

    Chairman's Award: Stafford and Janice Smith

    Athena Award: Val Meyerson

    Marty Van De Car Inclusivity Award: Pastor Ryan Donahoe

    Thriving Petoskey Award: Bearcub Outfitters

    Service Excellence Award: Toski Sands Market

    Entrepreneur of the Year: Michael and Adam Kazanowski and Michael Kolkmeyer - Gypsy Spirits

    Ron Foeller Community Enthusiast Award: Robyn Rakoniewski

    Ambassador of the Year: Aaron Garms, Keep It Real Social

    Architectural Award Winners:

    Beautification: Award Winners - Mitchell Street Downtown Entrance and Spring & Porter

    Design: Honorable Mention - Comfort Keepers
    Award Winner - American Spoon Foods

    Heritage: Honorable Mention - Meyer Ace Hardware
    Award Winner - Stafford's Bay View Inn


  • 2023 Award Winners 2023 Award Winners

    • CeleofChamps_020-copy.jpg
      Architectural - Beautification Winner: Mitchell Street Downtown Entrance
    • CeleofChamps_023-copy.jpg
      Architectural - Beautification Winner: Spring & Porter
    • CeleofChamps_025-copy.jpg
      Architectural - Design Honorable Mention: Comfort Keepers
    • CeleofChamps_026-copy.jpg
      Architectural - Design Winner: American Spoon Foods
    • CeleofChamps_029-copy.jpg
      Architectural - Heritage Honorable Mention: Meyer Ace Hardware
    • CeleofChamps_031-copy.jpg
      Architectural - Heritage Winner: Stafford's Bay View Inn
    • CeleofChamps_032-copy.jpg
      Ambassador Award Winner: Aaron Garms
    • CeleofChamps_041-copy.jpg
      Ron Foeller Community Enthusiast Winner: Robyn Rakoniweski
    • CeleofChamps_052-copy.jpg
      Athena Award Winner: Val Meyerson
    • CeleofChamps_057-copy.jpg
      Service Excellence Award Winner: Toski Sands Market,
    • CeleofChamps_062-copy.jpg
      Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner; Michael and Adam Kazanoski, and Michael Kolkmeyer
    • CeleofChamps_070-copy.jpg
      Thriving Petoskey Award Winner: Bearcub Outfitters
    • CeleofChamps_074-copy.jpg
      Marty Van De Car Inclusivity Award Winner: Pastor Ryan Donahoe
    • CeleofChamps_090-copy.jpg
      Chairman's Award Winner: Stafford and Janice Smith
  • 2023 Event Photos 2023 Event Photos

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    • CeleofChamps_030-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_033-copy.jpg
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    • CeleofChamps_040-copy.jpg
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    • CeleofChamps_055-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_058-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_059-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_060-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_061-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_065-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_068-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_072-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_073-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_078-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_079-copy.jpg
    • CeleofChamps_081-copy.jpg
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  • About the Awards About the Awards

    Chairman’s Award: presented for long-standing significant impact on the community.
    Athena Award: recognizes a person who celebrates the potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the community. 
    Sponsored By: Dave Kring Chevrolet

    Marty Van De Car Inclusivity Award: Honors an individual, business, or organization in our community that breaks down barriers and fosters change to create an inclusive and welcoming community for all.
    Sponsored By: Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation

    Thriving Petoskey Award: Recognizes an individual, business or organization that supports the chamber's initiative of creating a Thriving Petoskey by promoting positive business practices that enhance our area's employees, or community, organizations and our environment.
    Sponsored By: McLaren – Northern Michigan, The Harbor/Brenn Agencies, DTE Energy, and First Community Bank.
    Service Excellence Award: Presented annually for demonstrating superior, unique and unequaled service to the public. 
    Sponsored By: Stafford’s Hospitality
    Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Presented to honor an entrepreneur who is helping to enhance the local community through business growth. 
    Sponsored By: Huntington Bank
    Ambassador of the Year Award: Presented to a member of the Ambassador Committee who enthusiastically promotes the chamber and its programs. 
    Sponsored By: PNC Bank
    Ron Foeller Community Enthusiast: Presented to honor a local citizen who is a true cheerleader, ambassador and passionate supporters of our community. 
    Sponsored By: Bill’s Farm Market and The Home Depot

    Architectural Awards: Presented for beautification and design.
    Sponsored By:  Preston Feather Building Centers

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    View past award winners for Celebration of Champions (Breakfast for Champions)

    Celebration of Champions Awards History

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