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  • We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of the first annual LLT Legends Cup. The idea of this competition was an awesome brainchild of the current LLT Class of 2024. It stems from the ongoing debate to recognize the "actual" Best LLT Class Ever.

    What better way to establish this distinction than through a spirited fundraising competition? The aim is not only to determine the Best LLT Class Ever, but also to support the Class of 2024 and their Community Service Project.

    Picture this: the resounding declaration, "LLT Class of _____, BEST CLASS EVER!!!" echoing far and wide with undisputed authority all across the Little Traverse Bay Region.

    The best part? The Best LLT Class Ever/Legends Cup is not a one-time affair; it is designed to become a fun and meaningful legacy competition for LLT Alumni. It will serve as a perpetual source of funding for each forthcoming LLT Community Service Project, ensuring LLT Alumni impact resonates in the future.

    *We know many members of each class might have changed jobs or moved from the area, so be sure to try and personally share this will all your classmates to have the best chance for full participation.

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